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About Steph

Hello I'm Steph, a passionate cake lover, and decorator. I started One Cake Street after a decade long experience in baking. At the beginning, it was mostly for family and friends who served as my unpaid taste testers before  developing into a full fledged business.


My most told baking journey story is about my first part time job after University. This was in a commercial bake shop but surprisingly, not as a baker. I worked in the marketing department and for every workday, I hovered around the kitchen within any spare time I had . As a novice cake decorator, and cake enthusiast, I was more interested in the cake making process and was very happy to take on extra shifts for a chance to watch the professional bakers work their magic. Every day reminded me what my passion was and I knew it was only a matter of time before I shared my bakes beyond family and friends.

One Cake Street is powered by my family homes kitchen, fully insured and registered with the Wolverhampton Council and has achieved a 5 star Food Safety and Hygiene rating you can trust.

With a dedication to creating unique and memorable cakes for every event I cater to, while delivering on exceptional service, I pride myself in using only quality and ethically sourced ingredients, one delicious cake at a time.


I believe every cake is a display of our personalities, taste and style from tradtional to modern, and even contemporary   and I love being able to bring this to life beautifully. What better way to celebrate? I'd be thrilled to create a show stopper for your special day.

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