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Ganache Mastery 1.0 by One Cake Street

Ganache Mastery 1.0 by One Cake Street

The long awaited guide is here! I am excited to share all I know about white chocolate ganache and watch you transform your beautiful cakes in no time.


Whats inside;

  • Introduction to White Chocolate Ganache Mastery
  • Ingredients and Equipment
  • Ganache Ratios
  • Methods of Preparing Ganache
  • Setting Ganache
  • Reheating Ganache
  • Vibrant Colours for Ganache
  • Whitening Ganache
  • Split Ganache
  • Prepping Ganache for Application
  • Application Techniques
  • Applying Ganache
  • Effective Scraping Technique
  • Ganache Cracks
  • Emergency Ganache
  • Digital Product Format

    Downloadable PDF Guide for use. 

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